Bolometer Bridge (Tech II)

From practice - for practice.

The BM 6010A is a self-calibrating measuring bridge for measuring RF power using a bolometer.

Environment Monitor

Not only highly sensitive - but also particularly precise.

The bridge voltage can be measured and the power at the bolometer sensor stabilized. Both thermistor (NTC) and barretter (PTC) sensor heads can be connected as sensors. The system is controlled and operated via a touchscreen. Remote control of the measurement system is possible via a data interface.

The Wekomm engineering GmbH BM 6010A is a full replacement for the Technology Type II Power Measurement System with improved specifications. The BM 6010A was developed in cooperation with the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and replaces the old TECH II bridges (not only there).

You can download a datasheet  here.

Made in Germany - Handmade

The Bolometer Bridge is being made to order at the moment.

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