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                            - A world of measurements

We live in the world of precision technology. We research, develop and produce for the needs of todays and tomorrows. We are using modern as well as traditional methods in a productive and creative way to scratch the borders of physics.

We develop and manufacture complex electronics components (digital / analogue design as well as embedded circuits) and extremely precise metrology products (i.e. resistors). In addition we carry otherwise difficult to obtain special components (connectors, binding posts) for high end measurements. And we calibrate resistors and measuring instruments up to the highest demands.

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                            - being manifold

wekomm is made up by a team. Excellent members with deep knowledge in the areas metrology, electrical engineering, communications electronics and IT, complemented by corporate development and administration work closely together.

Our expertise enables us to …

  • work on a theoretical basis as well as do practical work. We think that only this combination allows best results.
  • specialize ourselves in a specific area while consulting our other specialists at the same time. We know that this interdisciplinary approach leads to real innovations.
  • define standards in our expertise area. Because excellence is a perfect ground for groundbreaking results.

Together we move borders.

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Eingang zu unserem Kalibierlabor
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                            - strive for the best

At wekomm GmbH, world class specialists have come together. The result is more than just the summary of individuals, years of experience or projects:

We connect deep knowledge and broad experience from different areas like metrology, electronics, communications and information technology, generating innovations. We are driven by never-ending curiosity and the search for content driven professionality. Perfection and human integrity are non disputable values for us. We never sacrifice those values, even under pressure or for short term results. We strive for the optimum - and leave all others behind. We call that old school for new solutions. Our customers honor that explicitly.

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                            - for demanding customers

Our mission is simple: We want to expand the boarders of metrology in terms of precision, reliability and life time cycle. We do all this on behalf of our customers and partners to improve their possibilities.

To achieve all this, we take every challenge, every effort which is necessary. What we have done, already speaks for itself and makes us proud.

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