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Your Requirements:

As a user, if you're looking for a measuring device that doesn't adhere to the standard, whether in functionality or accuracy, or as a manufacturer, if you have devices that need urgent revision due to lack of parts or new requirements, we are eager to engage in conversation with you.

We're happy to discuss what the suitable solution for you should look like. From building a measurement system using available components to complete new developments, we can offer services tailored to your needs. One of our specialties is migrating existing developments. In this process, we revise existing designs with the appropriate expertise and caution to bring the device up to date and make it fit for manufacturing in the coming years. We are happy to provide references and examples upon request.

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Your Realisation

First and foremost, we discuss with you as the customer which sensible path to realization we want to pursue together. In new developments, we strive to build upon existing and proven concepts as much as possible. When revising or migrating measuring devices, we place great importance on maintaining compatibility with existing systems or parts, ideally achieving 100% compatibility.

Afterward, we proceed with the implementation of the discussed objectives with the utmost care and expertise.


Our Execution

Depending on the request, we can provide you with either one or two custom-made individual devices, or even complete manufacturing documentation and prototypes for mass production. In any case, you benefit from our experience, and you can be sure that we will accompany you whenever necessary.

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The keys to successful research and production.

Classic applications for specialized devices exist, for example, in research (such as experimental or measurement devices that are otherwise not available) or production (such as specialized testing equipment).

We're looking forward to solving your problem!

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