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From the workshop - into the workshop

The environment monitor made by                                  is a perfect monitoring and recording system for all environmental data. Temperature, humidity, air pressure and much more can be monitored and recorded in a close loop to keep this information all time available. Many wishes and suggestions of user have been included in the conception of this device to make it utmost usable and helpful.

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Environment Monitor - Prototyp

Highly sensitve, multifunction, network capable

The sensor electronics itself stores all sensor related data, like calibration values or functional parameters. In addition, personal data like sensor name, laboratory or anything else can be stored into the nonvolatile memory of the sensor.  Every sensor has a unique ID and can be identified at all time.

Actual measurements are shown on the color display as numbers and graphs (history or trend) in real time. All measured data (from many environment monitors if needed) can be stored into a SQL-Satabase in the network or be recorded locally (USB-stick).

Later on, this data can be evaluated using standard number tools.


Highly sensitive - and highly reliable

Up to four external sensors enable the environment monitor to monitor data. The device is available as table top devive or wall mount device. Choosing the sensor defines the type and precision of the information to monitor. We offer sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure and external events at the moment, further sensors are in development. The precision of sensors in unrivalled in it’s class, the air pressure sensor for example can register pressure differences which translate into just 30cm height difference!

The ability to set limits and alarms makes the instrument perfect for all surveillance tasks as well.

With the environment monitor you will miss nothing.

Environment Monitor - Version 1
Messingblock in der Fertigung

Made in Germany - HANDMADE

The Environment Monitor is being made to order at the moment.


Consequently precise

The Environment-Monitor made by                                   is at the right place when precision matters. The monitor is being used as a precise but cost effective 24/7 guard for environmental values. Typically it’s value helps best when the environment for Labs or fabrication needs to be controlled. In a lab possible problems can be detected early and being avoided.

At manufacturing plants, archives museums and all places when you need to closely monitor the environment, our environment monitor comes in handy. 

Which values are being measured and in which precision is a choice you can make by selecting the proper sensors for your task. If you need help, feel free to contact us …

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Where to buy 

Our Environment Monitor is available on request. 

Please contact us  here.

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